New Features at for April 2013 is based on Concursive's ConcourseConnect software. You would consider several options from Concursive if you wanted to have your own community with groups and projects… or social communities to support topics you are interested in. ConcourseConnect is very flexible in the types of data it supports, and there is a mobile API to quickly launch apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Here's what's new at

Each user profile is now set to a "Friends Only" privacy setting. The setting can be changed and this setting allows users to determine with whom they want to share their personal activity stream, blogs, photos, videos and documents with. Most users should use a Group for sharing, though for corporations and large businesses using your user profile is a good place to write your status updates. Users can control their privacy settings by going to their Settings page.

The Photos module has an improved layout, bigger images and photo likes and comments.

Links to Videos on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing sites can be added in the Videos module.

The Project Tasks module has received minor updates to sort tasks by priority and business value. This sophisticated task manager is one you should experiment with to learn all the ins-and-outs.

The Documents module has been improved with an online document viewer for several document types, including: PDF, Excel, Powerpoint and Word. Documents can also be placed into folders and their is a new document folder viewer for navigating the folders.

The Calendar module has been updated with an improved look and additional features. Calendar events have additional fields: details, registration and tickets URL links. Documents and images can be attached to calendar events. The timezone is shown on calendar times.

There's a new feature to send emails to all members of a Group or Project. Messages use HTML for additional text styles and formatting. Messages are now recorded to a user's Messages module. The user Messages module has also been improved. These private messages now use HTML instead of plaintext and users can search their own messages. A "Reply to All" feature has been added.

We continue to improve the Wiki functionality and maintain compatibility with the latest browser versions. Wiki images can be resized in the editor by dragging their handles.

Across the board, images are now rendered at higher resolutions and look great on Retina and high resolution capable displays.

When users choose to receive email updates concerning their groups, projects and associates, the content of the email is now organized by content type. This has proven to be more effective when dealing with lots of projects.

We've taken some first steps at improving the search results – quicker and context sensitive results – though more improvements will be coming soon to correct the "related" search results.

You'll find other tweaks and fixes throughout.

Finally, we're working on making a Timesheet capability available (actually bringing over an existing timesheet capability from ConcourseConnect) and will make it accessible in a future update. Advanced users can contact me for more information on trying it sooner.